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We are proud to announce a Tenth straight Department of Defense safety rating of Outstanding with our last Inspection on November 2013

"The sweetness of low price fades fast with the bitterness of bad service."



     Hello and Thank you for checking out our web site!

     We hope your stay is informative and that Jean's can help you in your travel needs. We are a motorcoach company located in beautiful Greenville, SC. We specialize in Group travel. Whether you  need to transport a small group or 500 people (or more) we can help.

    Jean's has served upstate South Carolina since 1980. We have seen many improvements in our industry over this time and have made many changes to improve service to our customer.  The most noticeable improvement is the reliability of  our new  motorcoaches. Our maintenance time and cost has significantly dropped which has allowed us to pursue a more cost effective plan of preventative maintenance. We are very pleased with these coaches and we believe you will be too. 


  In 1983 Jean's became partners with the Department of Defense (DOD)  through what is now called the Military Surface Deployment Command (SDDC). Since becoming partners we have transported our active duty, national guard and reserve units from around South Carolina, North Carolina, & Georgia to training missions, as well as full activation during war times. We are very proud to be of service to these dedicated men and women in service to our country. Being partners with SDDC requires frequent inspections by third party inspector to stay in good standings with the DOD. We have always had satisfactory ratings and above.  Our last seven rating have been  perfect scores of one. "Outstanding" Please see for a copy of our military agreement and for more information.

A Quote from United Motorcoach Association "Student Travel Safety Guide"

"U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Thousands of military personnel travel officially by bus and motorcoach each year. To ensure the safety and comfort of those troops, SDDC has implemented the most thorough and well-maintained "pre-qualification" processes known to the passenger carrier industry. SDDC will not allow any company to officially transport military personnel until its own inspectors have conducted on-site visits. The SDDC inspections also review carriers for performance, reliability and responsiveness. Not all coach companies apply for the right to bid on military transport; those who do are given a rating by SDDC on a scale of 1 (the best) to 5 (the worst). Carriers rated from 1 to 3 are approved to bid on military work. A list of approved (bus) carriers is online at MTMC's website. The full ratings for each approved carrier will also soon be online. UMA strongly recommends a review of MTMC-approved carriers."

    Safety is on the minds of all travelers, or should be. The department of transportation keeps track of the safety rating of all for-hire motorcoach and trucking companies. If you would like to see these ratings use this link to the Federal Department of Transportation. Our DOT # 273508

    We hope that you  will stay here and learn more about our services.  So click away and let us know if you need help with your transportation needs. 

With all this said: We do not expect to be your "low rate carrier", but a safe reliable motorcoach company with your safety at our highest priority for a reasonable price. We promise to make your safety Priority One.

Our Mission

To be your first choice for safe and reliable motorcoach transportation.

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South Carolina Motorcoach Association founding member. 

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Our NEWEST addition to our fleet. This is our 38 passenger Caio G3400. We have also added Directv for added entertainment value and will have a 900 watt power inverter added in the near future for computer and phone chargers. We have WIFI available for an additional fee for any motorcoach in the fleet. Call early to hold for your trip. It stays busy year round.